Your car is already fast but it can be faster!

The thrill of mashing that accelerator pedal never gets old. Chances are your European vehicle is already quite quick but it can be better!

Unlocking your engines performance has never been easier with performance tuning.

Up to 30% more HP and Torque

Unleash the true potential of your vehicle and Increase horsepower and toque by up to 30%

Engine Warranty

You and your ride are protected with extended warranty options

Up to 15% fuel saving

We will not only increase your horsepower and torque but can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%

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Performance Tuning

With over 11 years experience tuning, modifying, repairing and racing Australia’s most prestigious vehicles, Racing Dynamics have gained an impeccable reputation.

You are in safe hands with our state of the art Dyno Dynamics Roller Dyno capable of 1200hp applications meaning we can take your vehicle from mild to wild safely and efficiently.

There is no substitute for quality and racing Dynamics are the pinnacle of european performance tuners.

Flash Tuning is a software upgrade to your vehicle to improve performance, economy and driveability.

Racing Dyamnics supply, install and tune the very best in ECU management software including: Evolve Technik, Haltech, Motec, Link.

When we Chip Tune a vehicle we extract the current data from the vehicles computer (ECU/DME), That data is then sent to the Tuner for modification.

Racing Dynamics modifies the data on a Hexidecimal level, breaking the code into different map tables such as injection timing, ignition timing, boost pressure, torque limitations and throttle response just to name a few.

These changes are made to the original software we extracted from your vehicle, we cannot flash software from other vehicles into yours as it will not start.

Once we receive the modified file from our Tuner over night, we then load the software into your vehicle the following day and you go for a test drive.

Our proud partners at Evolve Technik offer warranty on their tuning software. For more details visit our terms and conditions page here 


Tune only performance gains

Don't underestimate the amazing benefits that performance tuning provides! Below are some examples of what you can expect from one of our performance tunes.

Tuning only offer significant power, torque and fuel economy gains.

Want more power?

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Racing Dynamics are 100% Evolve Certified and are the official Evolve Technik dealers for Western Australia.

Evolve Technik is Australia’s Premiere Euro & Exotic car ECU flash experts. Evolve Technik is 100% Australian with unrivalled support, reliability and quality.


Unleash the true potential of your vehicle and Increase horsepower with performance tuning


Increase fuel economy with ECU tuning


Our in-house fabrication team allows us to create, strengthen and modify just about anything

New & used vehicle servicing, diagnostic & maintenance using genuine & aftermarket parts

Performance upgrades for both street and track vehicles, from exhaust systems to engine conversions - we do it all

With in house detailing we ensure you vehicle is returned to you looking better than when it came in!