Evolve Warranty

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in our industry. The short answer is yes it will, however under consumer affairs regulations we need a manufacturer to prove that the modification has indeed caused the malfunction. I.e. if you have tuned you vehicle and your sunroof stops working, the car still has warranty.

Some manufacturers (in particular BMW, AUDI, VW and SKODA) now have the ability to check for tunes during warranty procedures and system diagnosis. This function is unfortunately completely automated and the service staff have no control over the final decision. If the software detects that the software has been tampered with it will automatically throw a Black Flag against your VIN.

However we have now developed a method to get around all F-Series BMW detection. So we can now tune all late model F-Series BMW’s in a manor that makes them undetectable at a dealership level, so you can still take you vehicle in for regular servicing with our tune still installed hassle free.

We have built our reputation on after sales service and support so we suggest if you ever have any issues with your vehicle you speak with us first prior to seeing your dealer. Quite often we deal with the dealer on our clients behalf to resolve warranty issues.

Find below interesting snipet from the Australian Consumer Affairs Industry Guide which we like to point out to all our clients as many now have their vehicles serviced with us also.

“Consumers are sometimes confused about the differences between the consumer guarantees, warranties against defects and extended warranties. This is especially the case when dealers and manufacturers make broad statements that consumers will ‘void their warranties’ or similar if they go to an independent repairer (for example, a repairer who is not affiliated with the manufacturer or part of the manufacturer’s network). Any suggestion by car manufacturers or dealers that motor vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer to maintain the owner’s consumer guarantee rights is not correct.” – ACA Motor vehicle sales and repairs and industry guide to the Australian Consumer Law

We have also now introduced a new Limited Matched Factory Warranty for customers who are still a bit nervous about touching their new toy. Please refer to “What is Evolve Plus” for more information.